Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ratatouille on DVD and Blu-Ray today!

Go get yours! Includes the short film "Lifted" and an new short, "Your Friend The Rat", which includes 2D and even some stop-mo animation!

Also available today, "Pixar Short Films Collection, vol. 1" on DVD and Blu-Ray. Start your Christmas shopping now!


  1. Done and done. :) A nice addition to my dvd shelf if I do say so!

  2. Hey, wait a minute... no THX? I was a little worried at first, but it looks beautiful. I have an upscaling DVD player and Ratatouille looks better than the THX mastered ones. It was just weird not seeing the logo. Do you know what was used in lieu of THX?

    Great movie!

  3. If I had any money I would buy a Blu Ray player just for the Pixar discs.

  4. I take good care at collecting collector editions of every pixar movie and I'm very disappointed about this one:

    - No commentary track
    - No behind the scenes stuff (apart the conversation thing)

    At least we got two deleted scenes, but still ...

    I suspect Papa Job did that on purpose and will later release a two-disc edition.

    Not too fair I may say...

    Anyway Ratatouille is definitely the best pixar movie so far.

  5. Pascal,

    I agree. We, my family and I, look so forward to the movie as well as the cool behind the scene features. When I saw Ratatouille was only one disk, I was disappointed from the get go. It’s a good movie, hopefully the next release will have more.

  6. Ahh why cant it come out on HDDVD...

    But congrats to Pixar. my favorite animation yet.