Notes and Tutorials

Animating a Facial Take

I talk about applying the principles of animation to the face for a quick shot of Dash in "The Incredibles". 

Splinophilia Part 1

An in-depth look at splines as they apply to timing in 3D animation. 

Splinophilia Part 2

More info on splines, including hygiene, workflow and shortcuts. 


Some thoughts about this often misunderstood principle of animation. 


Some thoughts about timing and added texture to your scenes. 


Some thoughts about the importance of strong posing in animation. 

Rhythm and Texture

Ways to make your animation more lyrical and pleasing to watch. 

Body Language

Studying subtle, non-verbal acting. Inspired by the film "In the Heat of the Night". 


Take care of your body and it will let you keep animating for a long time. 

Animating Limited Characters

The joys of working with simple or abstract character designs. 

Some thoughts about eyebrow animation and acting