Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WALL-E Thumbnails

While I'm in disclosure mode I thought I'd take a chance and post these planning sketches that I did for WALL-E. Included are a few that I did for the Superbowl commercial vignette. I hope they don't ask me to take them down again...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My WALL-E Reel

In a week I'll be flying to LA for the Annie Awards, so I thought I'd post my WALL-E reel so you can see what I've been nominated for. It's a whopper: 7 minutes of footage - the most I've ever done on a single film. The Quicktime clocks in at 40 megs, and hopefully it won't blow out my bandwidth! I guess I could have compressed it smaller, but it's hard enough to see all the detail at this size. In a previous post I did a write-up of the shots I worked on, which contains some anecdotal information, if you're interested.

WARNING - Contains Spoilers! Please don't watch this if you haven't already seen the film. And there's really no excuse for you if you haven't.


Monday, January 19, 2009


Probably not the content you were hoping to see here (I'm working on it, I swear!) but here are some noteables:

Cars Toons are now showing on Disney's web site. If you've had trouble finding them on TV (they don't make it easy) then this is probably the best quality way to see them until they're out on DVD or whatever. I haven't been able to get this page to work in Firefox, but it works fine in Safari and, I assume, Explorer. Your mileage may vary. Did you see what I did there? Mileage... Cars... Ahem.

In other news, the Annie Awards are at the end of this month, but in the meantime I've received another nomination for my work on WALL-E! This time it's a Visual Effects Society nomination for "Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture". The team chosen to represent the character of WALL-E includes Sound Designer Ben Burtt, Modeler Austin Lee, Designer Jay Shuster, and myself for animation. We're up against Bolt, Rhino, and Po. The competition is strong, but I think we've got a pretty good shot at this one. You can see a full list of the nominations here.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2009, everyone! Here's to hoping the new year will be better than the last. I'll be starting teaching again at AnimationMentor.com next week, as well as returning to Pixar where I'll be helping out the Tools department and animating on Toy Story 3; this should be a nice change of pace from directing. I've got some ideas for new tutorials & notes which I hope to be able to post here soon. I'll also be posting a reel of my work on WALL-E, now that the film has finally been released worldwide (Japan was the last holdout). Thanks for reading!