Thursday, January 22, 2009

My WALL-E Reel

In a week I'll be flying to LA for the Annie Awards, so I thought I'd post my WALL-E reel so you can see what I've been nominated for. It's a whopper: 7 minutes of footage - the most I've ever done on a single film. The Quicktime clocks in at 40 megs, and hopefully it won't blow out my bandwidth! I guess I could have compressed it smaller, but it's hard enough to see all the detail at this size. In a previous post I did a write-up of the shots I worked on, which contains some anecdotal information, if you're interested.

WARNING - Contains Spoilers! Please don't watch this if you haven't already seen the film. And there's really no excuse for you if you haven't.



  1. wow phenominal. Good Luck Victor!

  2. Super! Good Luck. You are the best of the best Victor. I'm a big fan of Pixar animation and You. I'm animator to! and I know how it made.
    I have a blog about animation ( and I write a lot of the Pixar's animation:) You are my hero !
    I from Lithuania where Pixar's animation is the biggest movie. We waiting next super hit "UP"
    Good Luck.
    If you want ...see my animation:

  3. wow! that's amazing! good luck! ;)

  4. I would vote for you Victor.. this clip has shown most of my "top character animation moments" from the movie :)

    all the very best!

  5. Oh man! You did two of my favorite shots in the whole movie--the one where Wall-E's half-asleep trying to start his day and the one where he's showing Eve his 'house.'

    Do you happen to know who animated the shot where Wall-E does the Hello Dolly dance with the garbage can lid as the hat? I love it so much.

  6. Nice! Some of the best stuff from the film. I love the bit with the lifeless Wall-E. It also shows how good the personality bits are.

  7. Wonderful! What compressor are you using for that? The quality & size relative to load time is perfect!

    Thanks for sharing & good luck at the Annies!

  8. Thanks for the nice comments!

    Andy - those shots were animated by Bob Scott, one of our Pixar treasures. He also did a lot of great shots on the Cars Toons.

    Katie - I used good ol' Quicktime Pro to compress this in h.264. I used the built in "broadband - high" preset for this particular clip.

  9. Great stuff, Victor. I can see how the little guy could be one of your favorite characters to animate. Well done.

  10. Thanks Victor, this is fantastic! If its ok with you, I'd love to load this on our ipod so we could have a visual when we talk to you about your scenes. Thanks again for the help and congratulations on the nomination for your fine work!

  11. Amazing pieces, those are the ones that really affected me with the song also wow.

    REally appreciate you animating Em.

    I hope to do that to people one day. Keep on rocking . hope you win.

  12. Wow! Some really inspiring stuff Victor. I'm impressed by how much range the acting has, and how you used the accents to direct the eye. Brilliant!

  13. haha hate to continue the trend, but wow. All the animators that worked on this film did a fantastic job! Congrats to ya all!

  14. Am I the only one who can't see this link? I get:

    You don't have permission to access /Media/Movies/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    It seems to be on all the links on your site. That makes me a sad panda.

  15. WOW! Great stuff, I am inspired!

  16. Davipalooza - make sure you're accessing the movie directly from my web site, and not through an RSS reader or other external link. Other than that, I don't know what the problem could be.

  17. Hey Victor
    Some awesome shots, ,and very large too...
    It seems that you got to work on some of the most iconic shots.
    Really inspiring
    Good luck with the awards you've been nominated to. ;)

    Keep up the awesome work, and the great blog too..


  18. Ah, that's what it was. I was clicking through google reader. Clicking straight from your page worked. Thanks!

  19. Wow. That's one phenominal chunk of work - in every sense!

    I really hope you'll get the chance to (re)post some of your thumbnails for Wall-E.

    Oh, and congrats on the VES nom!

  20. Wow that seemed like half the movie!

    Good luck at the Annies!

  21. I forgot about posting the thumbnails. Thanks for the reminder AJ, I'll get on that!

  22. hey I just got tickets to the Annie's. Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you:^)

    Congrats on the great work on WALL-E and the nomination. I tried to vote for you, but the vids wouldn't play so I couldn't vote.

    I'm a student of animation and hope to get to where you are one day:^)

    Richie Gunzer

  23. Hey Victor!

    that is totally inspiring. I've only seen the movie twice so far but I can't believe you animated so many of my absolute favourite shots! Wall°E was one of the few movies where I felt it had some almost perfect moments in terms of character, story and emotion. I love how Wall°E gets up all sleepy, or when he shows Eva his precious stuff, or when he seems to have lost his soul... - you totally have to love those characters.
    Big compliments on that work!

    One question: I'd like to know how and when you put in all the little mechanical imperfections in Wall°E's movements. Was that "posed" or did you put some "dirt" in the curves later?

    I'm currently in AM, Class 1, hope to meet you there sometime!

  24. Hello Mr. Navone,

    You got to animate all the best sequences: When WALL•E first awakens in the morning; when he recognizes the light and sets down his lunch carrier ever so carefully; when EVE pops the bubble wrap; EVE's recognition of her true "directive"....

    Magnificent work, Sir! The hours that you and the entire WALL•E crew dedicated to this film are equally astounding and fully appreciated. My family and I love WALL•E; indeed, my youngest sister watches it almost every single day, on average, and she quotes the whole thing. Needless to say, this production has definitely made an impact in our household and nation-wide.

    Again, wonderful work!

  25. Thomas Grummt - Big thanks! The "dirtiness" in Wall-E's motion I added during my splining and polish pass. Sometimes I would add some extra keys to mess up a smooth spline. Often it was a matter of adding some extra overlap and settle to the joints when he arrived in a pose. I always tried to make the vibrations travel up the chain as well as down. For example, when Wall-E moves his arm I jiggle his box a little to to suggest that the torque of the arm motor has an effect on his center of weight.

    Mitch - those are about the nicest compliments I could receive. Thanks to you and your family!

  26. Mr. Navone - You are most welcome, Sir!

  27. Man! I'm always so impressed by your work, Victor. Great stuff, some of my favorite scenes in there! I gotta say, I never realized animation for each character wasn't necessarily assigned to just one person. Kudos to the entire animation staff for keeping the character's character (for lack of a better word) consistent!