Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WALL-E Thumbnails

While I'm in disclosure mode I thought I'd take a chance and post these planning sketches that I did for WALL-E. Included are a few that I did for the Superbowl commercial vignette. I hope they don't ask me to take them down again...


  1. Hey Victor!

    These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing...lots to digest here for us AMers besides the gorgeous renderings.


  2. yEY! those are great! thanks for sharing.. =)
    i really loved wall-e.. =)

  3. Thanks for posting these Victor! It's really great and educational to see how you plan out your scenes. Fun to see how close the final animation actually is to your initial thumbs.


  4. Oh these are fun! Thanks for posting them. I miss animation.

  5. really great poses. i would love to see some 2d animations from you.

    Maybe one day?

  6. All your scenes have such heart in them. It's really cool to see the thought process revealed. Thanks for sharing, dude.

  7. these are great victor.

    curious though, do you always draw poses sequentially next to each other? Because I tend to go back and forth so my sketches aren't as organized.

  8. Great thumbnails Victor.
    I hate how ASIFA voters treated WALL•E, which was clearly the best movie of the year...
    Envy and bribery at its best.

  9. Howdy past mentor, These are fantastic. Would it be possible to post a larger version of the "Sequence plan - EVE revives WALL-E"? Its a little small and I would really enjoy being able to read your notes so that it makes more sense. espeically the concept of Eve's emotional arc.

    Thanks Victor.

  10. These are such a powerful reminder for planning things on paper. Beautiful to see the thought process you might go through before doing a shot. Thank you for posting these!

  11. Great Post!!
    Some really great stuff for newbies to see and learn

  12. Thanks, Everyone!

    Mark - when I'm exploring ideas I usually do poses everywhere, not necessarily in sequence. Once I come up with a series that I like I draw them in sequence to see how they play together.

    Sean Brown - howdy past mentee, I'll post a higher res version right now.

  13. Okay Sean, I posted a higher-res version of the Eve scene. Here's a direct link to the image: