Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Okay, so obviously I didn't win the Annie. But at least I lost to James Baxter, who is one of the greatest animators working today. It was a rough weekend all around - I was sick during the awards ceremony and I couldn't party with my Pixar pals afterward because we were taking the kids to Disneyland the next morning. Ah well, I'm still looking forward to the VES awards! In the meantime, AnimationMentor student Adam Juhasz was kind enough to award me this:

I'd like to thank Adam, Pixar, Andrew Stanton, my wife Candy, my daughters, all those who read my blog, and of course, my thumbs!


  1. I'm particularly fond of all your fingers!

  2. The GOLDEN THUMB!!!


  3. I was bummed to hear, but not as bummed as you, I'm sure.

    The work speaks for itself. Both are wonderful films, and I'm glad you've got it in perspective.

  4. ahaha the Golden Thumb! thats too awesome :O)

    Hope you are feeling better now Vic. :)

  5. so.. now.. u have to create Wall-e II for all of us!!! hahaha next time Vic, keep creating, u are a master!

  6. What a lovely and gracious comment about the award. I was blindsided by the results, but I know there will be other Annies to win in your future.

  7. Bummer, man. Been reading your stuff for years now, but this is my first comment. I gotta say you're probably the most accessible animator out there, so you definitely deserve an award for that alone. Keep it going, and I'm excited to see any new tutorials you put up for us. And if you have any wisdom about how one might choreograph/animate a grasshopper to mid 90's old school hiphop, I'd gladly tune in on that as well.

    Also, I can't really resist commenting on Candy's earlier comment... but that's all I have to say about that, really.



  8. Lol. That's awesome. The oscar is OBVIOUSLY filled with chocolate. Does the golden thumb award have a thumb drive hidden in it?

  9. lol, your thumbnail drawings are great and most deserving of the Golden Thumb award! Congrats! :)