Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some more vintage animation

This time: student films from John Lasseter and Jim Reardon (ex-Simpsons story guy, now working for Pixar). Here's John's "Lady and the Lamp":

And here's Jim's "Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown" - warning: contains graphic cartoon violence!


  1. I hunted down Lasster's "Lady and the Lamp" to the old VHS it was on, some animation celebration volume 2. Found it in my school library thankfully. But I was wondering, and maybe this is the closest I can get to asking John actually, how can I get a hold of his other student academy award winning film - "Nitemare"? Any clue?

    I wish they'd be put on some type of Pixar disc but I'm guessing CalArts owns the rights.

  2. This is hilarious, because it's so well done and the characters are on model!

  3. Fun to see the "lamp" movie again. I saw it a loooong time ago and am not even sure I knew that much about John Lasseteer back then. Of course that was also before many of his latest achievements.

  4. john was great story teller that early????!!!! i am really impressed by that level of story telling for a student film!!
    jim's short was funny and on a side note it was weird to see that on the credits list, he and tony fucile went to school at the same time!! small world!!
    thanks for sharing!!