Friday, June 09, 2006

Ratatouille trailer online!

Wow, big day for animation, or at least for my blog.

Here's the teaser trailer for Ratatouille, the film after Cars, due next summer. I'm not working on it (I'm working on the film after Rat) but I've been watching their progress and the animation is crazy good. So is the lighting. So is... Everything! This movie is going to blow your mind. But you'll have to wait another year!

I'm going on vacation for a week and half, so these posts will have to hold you for a while.


  1. Victor, I just came back from seeing "Cars" is f*****g awesome! Congrats, you should be VERY proud! Go get youself a cup of mocca, cause this will be long. First time I heard about the "Cars" project a few years back, I was thinking hmmmmm no way you can make a full length feature about cars with eyes, but then again, I trusted that Pixar wouldn't make a film that won't work and I was right. To me this is the best thought out film from Pixar so far. To make a world much like the one we know, but only inhabited by living cars and no humans at all, could've easily become weird and ghost town like, but that was not the feeling I got at all! There was so much character in these cars, I almost forgot that they weren't humans. Already shoulders are often underestimated when it comes to showing emotion in characters, but the way you used the front tires as shoulders was simply incredible. Another thing I noticed, was that the lighting and sound efx was so good, that I could almost smell the atmosphere and feel the temperature. I know it's key to have a good story, but to me presentation is just as important, just like a good joke can be ruined by someone who can't tell it right, or a bad joke can be hilarious if it's told the right way (monty python's flying circus). So what do you get with a good story told in the right way?!....yessir...Pixar! and that's why your so freakin' succesful!
    Well Victor, I could keep on, but I have some Steven Seagal blues to download for my blues party!
    Please let JL and your buddies at work know how freakin' awesome you all are and congrats with another bullseye! I don't care how much work it'll take me to get there, but I will get there;)

    Enjoy your well deserved vacation:)


  2. What's the name of the film you're working on?

    Sorry, had to try. Hopefully we get to see Andrew or Pete back in the directors chair for that one. And yes, I checked out Cars as well tonight, and thought it was really great. I can't wait for the DVD, and hopefully can catch it in DLP if I can find it nearby. I can't supply you with any lengthy impressions like the last poster though, I'm exhausted.

    Oh, and the teaser looked fantastic. So many possibilities with Paris, France. Excited to see Bird in the directors seat again too.

    Have a nice vacation. KACHOW!

  3. Hey Victor, I saw Cars on Sat and was blown away. I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. Pixar always delivers the best animation but I just am not really into cars so I wasn't expecting to like the characters all that much. But to my surprise, the fact that they were cars just kindof melted away and they really seemed alive. It was brilliant. Pixar seems to be immortal at this point, at least in my eyes. The other two animated features recently released just aren't even in the same ball park when it comes to the movie as a whole. And it doesn't seem that Pixar is letting up, becase Ratatouille looks sooooooooo good. I am really stoked for that one.

  4. Juste un petit mot... pour vous féliciter... J'ai trouver le trailer vraiment vraiment vraiment magnifique... !!!!

  5. Oh Ratatouille.. I'm so excited about this next film.. ^^; I wish it's summer next year already.. ^^
    Anyway, what film are you working on? Hihi.. or will it be a super spoiler if you tell..

    Good Luck anyway on your work! Pixar rocks!!! v^^v

  6. The trailer looks great.