Friday, June 02, 2006

I'll be on the Disney Channel tonight

Okay, I'm taking a risk posting this, as it's likely I'll end up looking like a complete idiot. During a broadcast of the movie "The Parent Trap" on the Disney Channel at 8pm tonight there will be a series of interstitials in which characters from the show "Hannah Montana" make a trip to Pixar to find out how we made "Cars". I am one of the animators they "meet" and I try to explain the process of 3D animation in very simple terms. I haven't seen any of the footage so I really don't know how it turned out. The kids were cool and the experience was fun, but don't look for a whole lot of enlightening information or deep drama. You may get in a good laugh at my expense, though.

Of note: the office we filmed in is NOT really my office. They dressed up a different room, and the photos on the desk aren't my family.


  1. I Tivo'd the clip, so maybe I can transcode it and post it. As for the office, I'm not sure why they didn't use mine. Probably because it wasn't big enough to fit all the lights, cameras and equipment they used.

  2. Eeeejjjhhh I saw that post too late! You know if they'll send it again and when?


  3. Okay, just as long as you're not a regular member of the 'Hannah Montana', I'll refrain from any ribbing or smack-talk :)

    Seriously though, that's very cool man, can't wait to see the clip if you are able to post it. I love how 'Tivo' is now a verb...

    w0rd-- N