Friday, May 29, 2009

Stocks down? Go see UP!

Pixar had the honor of ringing the bell to close the New York Stock Exchange today, while celebrating the opening of our latest feature, Up. You can see info and a clip of the event here (look for me near the back row - I'm one of the greenish pixels). You can't do any more trading, so why not go see the film? Right now. I'll wait.


  1. Yippie!.. I'll watch UP as soon as its premiere here.. oh you're so lucky that you can be Pixar animator, Victor.. I want to be Pixar animator too... hmm... :)
    I love Pixar... :D

  2. UP was amazing!
    There is so much heart in the film.
    I cared for the characters right from the beginning. Now that's how you tell a story! :)
    Congratulations to everyone involved!

    oh, and now I have to go see it again... because the 3D showing I went to didn't play the short film Cloudy. :(
    lol, that's alright though, I plan to see it multiple times in theaters anyways. Just confusing that some 3D showings had the short and some did not.. I have a gripe with digital projection for that particular reason... too easily for things to get left off and not shown to the audience.
    (that's the 3rd time something has been missing from a 3D showing I've gone too.. the last 2 times at a different theater all of the trailers were skipped) sad day

    but AMAZING film! Loved it!

  3. In the course of three days I have seen "Up" three times, and I've teared up three times....

    My dad, sister, and I caught a midnight show on the day it came out, and the theater was almost packed to the brim with faithful supporters/fans. The audience absolutely loved it. (One lady kept taking the tissues out during the entire film.) As for myself, I can pretty much sum it up in two words: bloody brilliant.

    Congratulations to the entire team at Pixar for producing another heart-warming feature... and for ringing the bell!

  4. Went to see it opening day with my wife. Absolute genius storytelling. Anytime a film can make the packed-out theater so quiet you can hear a pin drop, the filmmakers have done their job. Bravo.

  5. Up was AMAZING. A. MAZ. ING. I should have heeded your warning about bringing kleenex! Brilliant art, story, vibe, dialog, everything. One of Pixar's very best.

  6. I wonder when it'll be showing here in our place... i can't wait to see Up..