Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out To Sea

Ahoy Land-Lovers,
I am composing this blog post from onboard the Disney Magic Cruise Liner. I'm on the ship to promote the premiere-at-sea of WALL-E on June 27, and to tour the Mexican Riviera as well. Tough job, I know.

I'll be back home next week, by which time WALL-E will have premiered on land in the U.S., and probably elsewhere. I hope you get a chance to see it (and that you like it)! I worked hard on it for about 2 years and I'm very proud of what we accomplished. You'll also get to see the short film, "Presto", which is worth the price of admission by itself. It has some hilarious and astonishing animation, and is directed by legendary animator Doug Sweetland.


  1. Nice, a cruise and Wall-e. I'm so jealous. Enjoy! :)


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  3. I am furious envy...

    I really, really can't wait to see Wall-E. Every trailer & bumper I've seen has jumped into my eyeballs, tickled my brain before dissolving into the delicious taste of fudge in my mouth.

    Enjoy yourself!

  4. Oh, yes, WALL-E is terrific! Since I work for a company that supplies comuter gear to Pixar, I got to see a vendor screening at the Pixar theater last week. The movie is great fun, the animation is terrific.

    "Presto" is great too; it reminded me of Chuck Jones' best work.

  5. Man... I'm counting the minutes until I can watch it on Friday. =D

    I wish you good luck in this very tough work. ;)

  6. Ah dang! Luckyyy, I wish I could promote on cruise ships =(

  7. Great reviews so far for Wall-E .. i think Pixar will leave me with the same inspiration and awesome animation taste after watching the movie.. :P

    and yeah!! Doug Sweetland and Presto will rock!! :)

  8. Land and sea, yes, but what about hopping on board the Space Shuttle and promoting it in on a nearby cluster or nebulae? :)

    Seriously though man, I'm psyched to see it already, coupled with the fact that it opens up on my birthday! Taking the kids to see a matinee...and I know I'm probably gonna walk out of the theater going, "Damn it, back to the drawing board!"

  9. wooow.. lots of hard work and no play eh? haha that's sweet, I just took the cruise line last december, it was a blast. I recommend it to anyone that's interested, they do a great job.
    The hosts are awesome.

  10. Hey Victor,

    They should make one of those "Tough Jobs" reality shows about you!

    Even my jealousy is jealous.

    Well, at least I'll get to see the film this weekend, which I've been looking forward to for a few years!

    Take care and don't work too hard on that boat.


  11. Hi... me again leaving a comment on the same post. =)

    I just want to say that I just got home from the screening and I can't wait to watch it again.

    Seriously, it is an amazing movie. Beautifully animated, technically flawless and with an unique and special storytelling.

    My big congratulations for you and all involved with this movie. You helped to make something very special.

  12. Victor... Wall-E was simply fantastic. Great work!! I stayed and looked for your name in the credits.

    Only Pixar can make me emotionally connect with a robot of all things.

    I shall be returning to the theater soon to see it again. Pixar has yet again released another masterpiece and have not broken their awesome streak.

    Tell everyone at Pixar GREAT work from me :-D

    Presto was amazing also. Loved it. One of the best Pixar shorts.

    btw, I took the Disney Cruise a few years ago... one of my all time favorite experiences. I seriously did not want to get off that ship.


  13. man... I have to congratulate you for being part of such a nice movie.. reading your name as an animator and character development in the credits and being able to write you through your blog is awesome...

    personally Wall-e is in the top 2 best movies of Pixar so far.. keep rocking!

  14. The Mexican Riviera is beautiful Victor, I hope you enjoy yourself a lot! :D

    I'm dying to see Wall E, they will release it next friday, I can't wait!!

    Good luck


  15. Boy you weren't kidding about Presto, wow!

    Wall-e is definitely one of my favorite Pixar films now. I didn't expect to care so much about a little robot but I'm glad I did.

    Thanks to everyone on the film!

  16. Both WALL-E and Presto reinvigorated my animation muscles, and mesmerized my kids!

    Oh, and M-O rocks!!


  17. Saw WALL-E over the weekend... absolutely amazing. Tremendous job all around, easily my favorite Pixar film to date. Kudos for the continued efforts at constantly upping the ante!

    Presto was fantastic, too.

    Is there nothing you guys & gals can't do? =D

  18. Victor,

    It was really great to meet you while on the Disney Magic. I really enjoyed the “making of Wall-e”. Also, thank you talking to all of us after the meeting and answering the many questions. Thanks again. Rob D. (McKinney, TX)

  19. Thanks for the nice comments, Everyone. Rob, it was nice to meet you, too. Thanks for coming to hear me talk!

  20. Great STORY, fantastic ART. Why don't other production companies understand this simple formula? Great job, my wife, kids, and I all loved the movie, "Presto" was amazing entertainment. Looking forward to "Up"

  21. We also enjoyed meeting you and your wife on the ship! Our sons are still talking about how great both of your talks were and have changed the wallpaper on their computers to be Wall-E :-) High praise from 17 year olds! We loved Pixar movies before we had the pleasure of meeting you. Having a bit of a 'personal' connection has made the bond more special. The boys watched Monster's Inc. to find the A113 now that they know what it mean. Thanks for sharing your talents and enthusiasm with all of us!!

    Teresa/Walt/Nathan/& Scott

  22. Anonymous12:03 PM

    If you knew how horrible cruise ships are for the environment you wouldn't ever take one again. Great job on Wall-E though!