Sunday, February 03, 2008

Watch the WALL-E Super Bowl ad online

As expected, the WALL-E commercial for the Super Bowl is available online now in glorious HD and other flavors. The spot is 1 minute long, and I actually did a full minute of WALL-E animation, though they had to cut a lot out to make room for the Buzz and Woody bits. Hopefully they will release the uncut version on the web. We had a very short time to produce this ad, so there are some rough edges, but I think it turned out pretty well. I had about 4 weeks to do the WALL-E stuff from start to finish, and I had some help from Don Crum, Wendell Lee and Sarah Mercey. Luckily robots are much faster to animate than humans and rats! The hardest part was probably animating the vacuum hose. The power cord was simulated, thankfully. I'll post some planning thumbnails when I get the time.

In the meantime, you can check out the official WALL-E web site, which has just been updated.


  1. If you got to, on the front page is the full 1 minute clip. Nice job btw :)

  2. The vacuume hose was hardest, really? I'm sort of shocked because it looks so natural. Great job of course, a very inspirational clip to get me even more excited about this movie!

  3. Very good work Victor! I especially liked the poses when the cocroach went into the hose. HAHA!

  4. I saw the long version in, as thomas said

    may I know how much time did you have for finish the complete animation???

    It´s great
    very cute

  5. sorry , I read you had 4 weeks!!!
    this is amazing
    I working as an animator in spain, and we have like one week to finish 10 shots
    about 150 frames per day
    In fact I am doing a shot with 17 characters in the screen, runing...every single of them!! I have 2 days
    of course the quality is shit
    In pixar you have time.....and money......

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments!

    Taber - yeah, the hose was very technical and I had to do a lot of it on one's just to keep it from intersecting the ground. The rig wasn't very robust, so there was a lot of counter-animation involved.

  7. Great job Victor - very appealing!

  8. Excellent work Victor-so appealing. Look forward to seeing some of your thumbnails for this scene. Did you have to get all the actions approved first before animating?

  9. Great work! Congratulations on completing such a large project with such a small team.