Monday, February 04, 2008

The Full WALL-E

SORRY, I've been asked to pull this clip off my site for now.

Here's the full-length animation of WALL-E that I did for the Super Bowl, minus the Buzz and Woody scenes.


  1. Thank you bunches Victor! Dare I say that I enjoy this much more than the commercial that aired? Awesome job.

  2. That was great Victor, nice work!

    There's actually a higher quality version of this embedded in a post over at

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  4. here's the Hulu link

  5. Really inspiring work Victor. I love how much you pushed the "cute" factor with this. Really entertaining. I wonder if that little bug is his buddy in the film, seen him in the trailer and now this ad.

    Anyway beautiful work, you should be proud.

  6. Really cool work Victor, I dont know if you have ever had a play with the luxo jr rig but is seems to me like wall-e in principle is like a 2008 luxo. Obvoiusly wall-e has arms but the guestures and timing beats do remind me of luxo, what do you think?

    Great work as always

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments here, too!

    BJ, you're not alone. Of course Disney marketing has it's own ideas about how to do things.

    Jonathantopf, yeah, WALL-E and Luxo Jr. are similar in a few ways, both physiologically and in personality. They're both basically curious kids, which is a lot of fun to animate.

  8. Awesome work. It's so nice to see such well executed personality animation in such a simple design.

    Geek question - are his wheels constrained to the ground?

  9. Cartooncolin,
    Thanks, and yes, they're constrained to the ground. We also have automation that rotates the treads and wheels the proper amount as he travels.

  10. Absolutely awesome clip. Saw it during the Super Bowl, and the fact that it was your handiwork is all the cooler in my book. I've been keeping up with your stuff since Flik covered "I Will Survive," so this was a neat treat. Great job, man.

  11. 'We also have automation that rotates the treads and wheels the proper amount as he travels.'

    ...Geez, you kids are spoilt over there!

    Looking really nice Victor - super stuff. I just knew he was gonna turn around and clear up the dust too! :)

    Itching to watch it.

  12. Hey Victor!

    Waaaa, this is soooo inspirational. No background, just pure character animation. Not many animators have the chance to show their artistry in such purity. Must have felt like a real privilege to animate that all by yourself. I can't believe it only took 4 weeks to do it.


  13. Do you animate to silence or are you given any audio to work with?

    I love his eye blinks and head movements when the vacuum grabs his eye...haha

    It's really nice of you to keep this blog going. Thumbs up!

  14. never has a vacuum hose looked so good...


  15. Fantastic work Victor!

    I absolutely loved it when the hose sticks to his eye and there's a little 'beat' before he reacts. It made me laugh like a baboon.

  16. Hey,

    Cool stuff.

    Just curious, do you know who animated the Buzz and Woody shots? Were those done at Pixar?


  17. slashfilm's copy is small in comparison to the beautiful HD720 downloadable quicktime version at IGN:

  18. Wow cool animation Victor, I was not expecting to see a pixar animation during the superbowl, that was a great surprise, with this good game, it was a really good evening. And now to see a bit more of this animation... I just love it! thanks for sharing!

  19. Ales Mav,
    Yeah, it's a pretty ideal situation for an animator to be in. We love pantomime, and don't often get a chance to do this much of it. That kind of describes the entire film of "WALL-E"

    I didn't have any audio to work with. I grabbed some vacuum cleaner sounds from other shots and cobbled together my own sound effects to sell the blocking. Wall-e's vocalizations were added after the animation was done, along with better sound fx. That's not usually how we do it - we usually have some kind of Wall-e voice and sound fx track to start with - but this commercial had to come together very quickly.

    James N.,
    Buzz and Woody were animated by Pixar veterans Dylan Brown and Bobby Podesta, respectively.

    Alan F.,
    That's the same as the HD clips on the Disney site. It's not the uncut version (without Buzz and Woody) that I'm looking for.

  20. What frame rate do Pixar animators usually use? I've been thinking of working with thirty frames per second, on ones.

  21. Peter,
    Most animation is done at 24fps, though 2D may be shot on one's or two's. The only reason to do it at 30 fps is if you're working on video games or if you have to match footage that was shot at 30fps.

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  23. hey victor,

    its a treat to watch this ad. lovely animation. lovely concept. you have done it once again :D

    i have a small query, if guys animate @ 30 fps do you change the settings for ur software in the begining or do u animate @ 24 fps and and then retime it @ 30 fps. Also is there anything important to look about when you are animating @ 30 fps.

    hey do the animators at pixar work on a mac or a pc ??

  24. that was awesome. i love it. great work :D i cant wait to see it fully now. definitely got the curiosity down to a tee.

    and yeh, mac or pc? would be interesting to know.

    Cheers Victor for these treats of animation we get on your blog :D


  25. Chintan, we never animate at 30 fps, so your question is moot. If we ever needed to create content for TV (for example) we would still animate at 24fps, then the movie would be converted to 30fps with a 3:2 pulldown, as is done with all films shown on TV. As for computers, we use Linux-based PC's running proprietary software.

  26. hey victor,

    thanks a lot for your reply, makes things more clear in my head.

    Chintan :)