Thursday, May 04, 2006

It begins...

Here it is, my blog. I suppose it's about time. I've been terrible about updating my web site, and I'm hoping that this will make it easier for me, and therefore more interesting/useful for you, the visitor.

So I recently got to direct my first commercial at Pixar! It's a promo piece for Cars and State Farm Insurance. The commercial premieres on May 22 during American Idol. Last week we did the sound mixing at Skywalker Ranch (pictured above). It's a beautiful place, and the rain let up just in time for us. Here's me with our Sound Designer Juan Peralta and Producer Liz Gazzano:


  1. Hey Victor.
    Congrats on the
    commercial direction!!
    Awsome to hear!

    looking foreward
    to the blog updates.. :)

  2. Hallo Victor,

    welcome you new, fresh Blogger ;).

  3. Hey Victor, glad to see you are bloggin! Congrats on the commercial too. I will be looking forward to reading whatever wisdom you can provide!

  4. hey you freak...can't wait to see the commercial. I'm officially jealous (ie, Skywalker Ranch). It looks abso-smurfly gorgeous there. Talk to you soon...Noah

  5. Victor,
    I use the Alien video in my class at a middle school. The kids always ask me what you are up to, so I will show them your blog. Looking forward to the Cars commercial. Will you be allowed to post it here too?

  6. freakin awesome Victor! Congrats!! Can't wait to read more cool and exciting stuff on your blog!

  7. you started a blog! about time!