Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Animation Insiders" panel at CTNX

Last October I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual CTNX in Anaheim, and I got to speak on a couple of panels, including the one below. I was in humbling company - Andreas Deja, Tony DeRosa, Eric Goldberg, and Pablo Navarro.  I'm the guy whose head is hidden behind the speaker, and I was pretty ragged from a night of heavy drinking, which is why my voice is about an octave lower than usual.

UPDATE - this video has now been marked as "private" for some reason, and even I can't view it.  Sorry!


Juan Pablo Solis G said...

It seens that it is a private video :(

Juan Pablo Solis G said...

Maybe they said: "That guy definitively had a heavy drinking night, his voice is an octave lower than usual... better mark that video private" ;)

G1toons said...

well i remember the panel and it was fun,

Olivier Ladeuix said...

Victor the video is back online at the following address


great panel

Victor Navone said...

Thanks, Olivier!
This link is actually to a different panel at the same event, but I'm glad to find it and have posted it.