Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some old stuff

Enough of all this new stuff, let's jump in the Way-Back Machine! It's the summer of 1999, I've been hired as an animator at Pixar and I'm working on "Monsters, Inc." - the other Pete Docter film. I have no feature film animation experience (or much of any animation experience at all), I'm still getting the hang of Pixar's software and I'm worried that I'll get canned as soon as they find out I'm winging it! These are the memories that returned to me as I was thumbing through a stack of old planning drawings I did for Monsters. For posterity I've uploaded a few to my Animation Thumbs Gallery. It's nice to see that my drawing has gotten better, and I'm pretty confident that my animation has, too. They haven't fired my yet, so I must be doing something right!


  1. It's really interesting to see how you build your animation with this drawings!
    It's really nice!i like it!

  2. worried about "winging it?" Nice to know people of your caliber worried too once!

  3. wow! incredible, was a long time, I listen about you since Alien Song, you are a legend, thanx for remember and share it.

  4. k. borcz, I never stopped worrying! It keeps me working hard.

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  6. Woaw! :o)
    I love your Randall drawing that stumble on all the pens :)
    So simple! I love it! :o)

    That was a nice post, talking about your fears and all! :o)
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  7. What a wonderful progression.

    You've been an inspiration for a lot of individuals, like me, who wanted to become animators. For that, thank you.

    Also, your spline tutorials are absolute gold. Made life so much easier in the graph editor in AM. :)

  8. very nice
    ha ha i love the boo vs randall, great stuff, thank for sharing

  9. Nice sketches Victor! The character in your sketches really carried through.

    Good stuff!

  10. wow man, some very nice planning drawings. I really like the Linguini ones personally. They are all so good really.

    Thanks for sharing..Always awesome.

  11. I absolutely love how you flesh out these characters, even if they're simple sketches. The facial expressions are hilarious, and the energy in such dynamic poses as Mike screaming as the car door slams on his fingers is wonderful. Great stuff.

    Ha-ha. You were worried? Wow. It's kind of relieving to know that even the professionals face such challenges, although your work of '99 still looks just as incredible as everything else you've done.

    Thanks for sharing your sketches with us!

  12. Reminds of a Disney collection of stills you might find at a Disney store. Some day they will be selling these thumbnails for hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars at a Pixar store!

    Your an inspiration. I purchased Animation Master back in 2004 - 2005. The Animation Master website referred to your Blog, and your Blog referred to Animation Mentor, and is why I attended and graduated in Fall 2007. Thanks Victor!

    Rick Sweenie