Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sample eCritique at the 11 Second Club

I'm sure you're familiar with the 11 Second Club - a monthly animation competition that follows in the footsteps of the late 10 Second Club. The prize for this month's competition, sponsored by, was a critique by a professional animator, in this case, me! Here you can get an idea of what an "eCritique" looks like for students who enroll in AM's animation courses. Every week the mentors review the students' assignments in this fashion. It's a pretty neat setup, allowing the mentors to analyze students' work frame by frame and even draw on it. Students and mentors can be anywhere in the world (that has an internet connection), and there is also a weekly Q&A conducted live via webcam. Hope you enjoy the eCritique!


  1. oh man that was great. AM students are really lucky. i hope in the future i can join the course and get your comments too, dude. you guys are doing a great job for the future of this art.

  2. Great critique! It's really helpful. Seriously, I'm jealous. I hope to see more in the future! Maybe someday get one of mine critiqued. Great job~

  3. Thanks for sharing this Victor.

    At work I always make a habit of paying close attention to the direction or critique that my fellow animators get as it is a great learning tool.

    Those look like some fun tools you are able to use there as well!


  4. Hey Victor,

    That's some great stuff. I'm sure the person who animated this, went...of course! At least that's what I was thinking as you began to explain. Your critique makes a lot of sense and is very educational. I picked up a lot watching this, thanks for sharing.


  5. Wow! That was an amazing critique!!! So that's what goes on over there at AM! I've been aware of AM for a while now and the more I hear/see about it, the more I want to take the course. Hopefully, I will do so sometime in the future. Seriously, AM students are hella lucky! I picked up a lot just from this one review. Keep it up Victor!!!