Wednesday, October 24, 2018

First Bloom

First Bloom from Wintersweet Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Here's a lovely personal short about first love by Tingting Liu, former Pixar intern and animator at Laika. Check it out before it disappears!


  1. Hi Victor!
    I want to ask you some questions:

    1): I've heard on the internet that is good to have a basic knowledge of modelling, texturing and rendering for work in any 3D environment, including animation. Do you agree?

    2): Is ok to learn and use Blender for animation at the beginning or is better to start with Maya?

    1. Hi Daniele,
      1 - that depends. Small studios tend to hire generalists, large studios tend to hire specialists. Overall I agree it's a good idea to have basic knowledge of all the CG pipeline, because even if you never end up having to do it yourself, you'll end up working with others who do, and it helps to be able to communicate if you understand their jobs.

      2 - Use whatever works for you - the tool isn't the important part, it's the art. But know that when you're looking for a studio job, most places are going to expect you to know Maya.

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