Sunday, October 04, 2015

Seattle Masterclass - Story and Animation

If you happen to be in Seattle next weekend, check out this event I will be speaking at on behalf of VanArts.  Andrew Gordon and Rej Bourdages will be doing animation and story masterclasses (respectively) and I'll be doing a making-of lecture about Inside Out.  Should be a fun time!

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  1. Victor!! I can't believe I missed you. I was just watching the bonus features on my bluray of "inside Out" with my daughter, and ... Bam! There was the Supervising Animator, and my high school French class buddy, Victor Navone. So, here I am... Cyber stalking you, only to find that you were in my neck of the woods last month. C'est la vie. Will you be in Seattle again anytime soon?? Will you pleeeeez write me at
    I always always look for your name in the credits on every Pixar movie. I have for years. So glad to see you're doing so well. I always knew you would do something extraordinary.
    -Erika Wakefield.