Sunday, November 04, 2012

Join me at CTN Animation Expo

In case you've been living under a rock, here's a reminder that the CTN Expo is happening again in Burbank, this November 16-18.  It's a great event for animators and animation-lovers, and is always crawling with talented, inspiring people.  I'll be there representing The Animation Collaborative as well as hanging with my buddies at Animation Mentor.  The AnimC guys and I will be doing a presentation on Saturday at 12:30pm, we'll be doing some reel reviews, and I'll be on another panel ("Conversations With Creators") Sunday at 1pm.  I promise to be better behaved this time!


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  1. Wish I had known you were here. Would have loved to see you!

  2. Hey Victor! I remember you mentioning that book in the sky mall catalogue about not making mistakes, and that you wished you took a picture of it. Found it while randomly paging through the catalogue and thought you'd like it for your records :)
    Please let me know that you got it :)

    Thanks for the great panel and workshop at CTN! It was really great to finally meet you!

    - Jenny

    (to put a face to my name...I was the one that got robbed by Stuart Ng books...and I'm Royce's student)