Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Making of Paperman

Paperman is a new short film from Disney that will premiere in front of Wreck It Ralph this November. It was directed by former Pixar animator John Kahrs, and I had the pleasure of previewing it a few months ago. The Disney artists employed some new technology to blend hand-drawn animation with CG animation, and the result is quite beautiful to behold. You can see a technical breakdown of the process here, and there's more Making Of… info here.



  1. This is a beautiful short film. I got to watch this at Disney studios in Burbank at the 'Disney Inspire Days' event. Kudos to the team who worked on this.

  2. I agree! One of the best short-films I've seen. Got to see an exclusive showing of Wreck-It Ralph this past weekend, and I was thrilled to see they included this short. Absolutely brilliant, breathtaking visuals, heartwarming story, *fabulous* humor elements!