Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brave trailer online!

Our trailer debuts online today at 9:00 am PST at and

It will likely be attached to a family film opening this weekend...

I'm doing a brief tour of duty on Brave right now in between preproduction on future films. I'm having a great time animating these characters, but this movie has been extremely challenging for the entire company, both creatively and technically. It's been a loooong time in the making. But just like hard weather produces the best grapes for wine, I'm confident that all our hard work will pay off, just like with Toy Story 2 and Ratatouille.


  1. Oh WOW...

    Stoked, man. Very stoked.

  2. Don’t you mean Toy Story 2 and Ratatouille? I thought Toy Story 2 was the production Everest, gotta turn it around, studio stress tester of it’s time. But you guys managed to make it one of the best Pixar Films to this day. We all hope the hard work on Brave pays off.

    Victor, are you excited for any of the other animated films coming out, Aardmans Pirates? Liakas ParaNorman?

  3. Hah kudos to you guys. It looks like an amazing feat. I really look forward to finding out more about it! Also good luck with the other projects, sounds like you guys are working hard!

  4. Thanks for the comment Matthew - I've corrected my post to say Toy Story 2, which is what I meant. Yeah, I'm looking forward to both those films, as well as Arthur Christmas.

  5. thank you for your tutorial splinophilia part 1 is very helpful .....this my animation

  6. the trailer for "Brave" is really outstanding, great feeling, great shots and great drama. Looking forward to seeing the movie.