Thursday, June 17, 2010

So... What are you doing this weekend?

It's that time of year again, when I shill for the latest Pixar film which premieres...  Tomorrow!  Yes, in case you somehow missed the media onslaught, you know that Toy Story 3 opens this weekend, and you can probably find a midnight showing tonight if you try hard enough!  I can objectively say that this is a great film, not just another redundant sequel crapped out to squeeze more money from a tired franchise.  Don't trust me?  Just check out Rotten Tomatoes - but don't read the full reviews because they contain spoilers!  I had the pleasure of working on TS3 for a year, and it definitely challenged me as an animator.  Once the film premieres I will talk specifically about the shots I did and the challenges they presented.  In the meantime, here is some friendly advice to consider before you set off to the cinema:
  • Avoid all merchandise.  There are plenty of plot spoilers out there, from Lego kits to Junior novelizations and graphic novels.  Shield your eyes!  Don't spoil the great ending!
  • See it in 3D.  Not that Toy Story 3 is any better in 3D, but the short film that precedes it ("Day and Night") is definitely better in 3D.
  • Don't bring small children.  This movie is darker, scarier, and more intense than its predecessors.  My 5-year-old daughter was fine with it, but I wouldn't take my 3-year-old.
  • Bring a hanky.  You will probably cry in this movie.  Twice.
That's all I can say for now.  I hope you enjoy it!


  1. And don't forget to pee before you enter the theater! No potty breaks during this one.

  2. I been waiting this movie since I was child, i had very high esteptatives about the film, i´m sure that PIXAR will not disapoint me.
    Victor you say that this film was a challenge for you, why? and finally you work about one year on the production of the movie, how much time of animation you do? 10 minutes, maybe 30. Well this weekend i go to the cinema, i should hurry up if i want a ticket.

  3. 30 minutes, that's funny! Considering that over 30 animators worked on this film, if we each did 10 minutes, how long do you think the film would be? I did between 1 and 2 minutes of footage, which is about average for me.

  4. Oooh.. I love Toy Story! I will definitely watch TS3!
    I hope out cinema won't delay its opening here in our place.

  5. yeah i think that too, 30 minutes will be so much, but you take a year for 2 minutes? you did the animation of background too? I don´t know, but you spend so much time for that?
    pliss don´t think i want to challenge you or something else, i´m just have curiositi about.

  6. Pixar animators average about 72 frames (3 seconds) of finished animation per week. Sometimes we do all the characters, sometimes we share the shots. Either way, it takes a crew of 30-50 animators about a year to finish a film.

  7. Hey Victor,
    The movie was amazing! I hate watching movies on the first day but, for you guys, I'm there.

    Great work, again.

  8. so you animate at 24 fps,it has to be hard keep the idea of the shot in one year! you improvise while you animate or you has to be attached to the plan of the storyboard?

    other thing today i went to the cinema and i saw the movie, oh God! in the end i can´t resist the tears i go away of the cinema crying, the movie is a master piece of art, congrats.

  9. ha! I forgot, who animate the secuence of the buzz dance?

  10. Cristian, we work on more than one scene over the course of a year. More like dozens of scenes. How closely we stick to the storyboards depends on what the director wants. Much of the Spanish Buzz stuff was animated by Carlos Baena.

  11. well, i have to study animation, thanks for answer my questions.
    congrats for the movie.

  12. Vic,

    You guys at Pixar must have made a deal with the devil! Every movie has been a home run. TS3 was incredible. The story to these movies is the "key" to Pixar's greatness. Please give us lowly people the guarantee that you boys n' girls at Pixar don't make a movie until a solid story has been agreed upon. You guys amaze me. And since Pixar is heading into seque-land I am a bit nervous, but if the story is solid it should be amazing. Also the short "Day and Night" is pure artistic genius!!!
    Congratulations and praise all around.

  13. I watched the movie....I Victor, thanks about Pixar give to us, it`s Fantastic...I loved so much. like many people i would like to meet Pixar, or maybe work rsrs
    The movie inspirates me to workhard in animation and be good, like pixar animators ^^

    it`s so embarassing, but I cryed on movie, was much importante to me.

    Thanks to make me happy (sorry about the english)

  14. Hey Victor,
    How are you? Rose is here from AM :)
    Congrats on Toy Story 3!
    It was fantastic! In general I prefer the animation on the toys more than humans in the movie. That little girl. Bonni, i guess. She was so cute!!
    and yeah, I did cry two times! second one was shorter :P

    Have a great time! :D