Monday, March 08, 2010

Congratulations UP!

Oscar celebration for Up

Another Oscar victory for Pixar!  I didn't have a lot to do with this film, but I'm sure proud of my people!


  1. Two victories in one, as it was nominated for best film as well. I still have some trouble with the way animation is treated as a category, rather than a medium in the eyes of the "Oscar people". But whatever, we know better and that's what counts:).



  2. Up did not deserve to win. Cloudy was way better. Overall it was more entertaining. Up was actually boring up until the scene where the Bird and Dog came in.

    I believe that Up won the Oscar based on Pixar and Pete Doctor's reputation rather than it's merit.

  3. You make some interesting points. Incorrect, but interesting...

  4. Making incorrect and interesting points is my specialty!

    I have a question for you, assuming you saw both UP and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, and knowing that you're probably biased toward UP, which one do you think was better?

    I think Cloudy was better, but that's a matter of opinion. But don't you think that Cloudy at least deserved to be nominated?

  5. Hi All, in my opinion, as a big fan of the animation pictures, i think both are great, both have great scripts and great humor scenes, but for me UP has a better and more beautiful aesthetic, and gives the spectator a tenderness that Cloudy doesn't.

  6. Don't get me wrong, I liked Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. It was entertaining and I enjoyed the unique style of the design and animation. I felt it was a better film than "Princess and the Frog", and should have received an Oscar nomination. That said, the story is pretty generic: "Awkward young inventor seeks acceptance". How many times have we seen that? Up, on the other hand, is more original and daring in many ways; it's rare to see an American animated film that deals with mature issues like mortality, much less featuring an elderly protagonist. Overall it's a much more emotional and layered film, and while it might not be a laugh-a-minute thrill-ride, the level of depth and detail in the performances make it a much richer viewing experience.

    Patrick, I don't know how old you are, but maybe when you're older a film like Up with resonate more with you.

    That's my opinion, which is, of course, what this blog is about!

  7. i´ve never cry that much since titanic!
    20 firts minutes of the movie crying!
    i love UP!

    my daughter name would be Ellie, and that not even a common name in latin america!

  8. "Great readers read great books"

    I read that somewhere from a book (Shadow of the Wind, LOL!). In my understanding, it means that when you read something, you relate to it only as much as what you've experienced in your life. In the same way, if you've never lost anyone in your life, watching a film about love and/or lost and then feeling for it would be odd and sometimes even pretentious. I loved UP! But I look at my life and the lives of others, I can see why the pre-"dog and bird" of the movie would seem boring for them. They were magically intense for me.