Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ye Ol' Cars Reel

Here, as promised, is a highlight reel of my work on "Cars" and the DVD short, "Mater and the Ghost" Light, as well as a couple shots I did for the commercial I directed for State Farm. It's an 18 mb Quicktime movie, and you'll need Quicktime 7 to view it.


  1. Oh wow Victor! Thanks so much for posting that! Those were some major major scenes!!! You did such an excellent job! You animated by far the best part of Mater and the Ghost Light where he's rattling and so on. Oh, and the "he did what in his cup" and "oh a little bit, but I'll be alright" or "I'm starting to think he knowed you was going to crash!" lol those are some of my favorite parts of the whole movie! The more serious scenes were also excellent! Great job and thanks again!

  2. Sweet. I thought your stuff with Mater reversing was fabulous - definitely the best character in the film for me.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Also, that last shot of Mater shaking uncontrollably is pretty fantastic, and looked fun to do.

  4. Sweet pieces as always. Thanks for showing!

  5. Hey Victor, really great scenes! Wonderfull acting, expressions and emotions representation! Your work is a daily inspiration to me!!

  6. Fantastic work Victor. Too.. many.. fun.. shots..


  7. Lots of great work Victor! Always loved how McQueen looked when Mater was towing him back up after his fall. I remember noting that in the theatre. Excellent poses all around.

  8. Anonymous4:26 PM

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  9. Amazing Work! The scenes you did in the short were some of my favorite. Pixar is very lucky to have you working for them.

  10. Hey Victor,

    First, thanks for the mail:)
    Second, thanks for sharing this, your work is amazing. Honestly a lot of these scenes are amongst my favorits! It's impressive how you master both crazy action and subtle details.

    Take care and have a happy thanksgiving,


  11. That was tooootally wicked:)!!!
    Lovin' it *(the reel) lovin' it
    (the ad you directed :D)

  12. Sweet work Victor! You are one of my favorite animators.
    Thanks for sharing! ;)

  13. Wow!

    So much character in the cars, i can't imagine how hard that was to do. How did you think in terms of line of action?

    My hero!