Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Image courtesy of thehaysoj
And from last year:


  1. This is a great image! Thanks! Is this Photoshopped or is it an actual render? Looks amazing.

  2. heheh that's great, happy halloween to you too :)
    (i'm so excited for Cars to come out next Tuesday!!!)

  3. hahahah COOL stuff, Victor - he looks good as a vampire. And mater looks even better there as a woman! Been a big fan of your work for awhile, btw!

  4. Fun stuff!

    Would have been fun cameos in the film if the rights were cleared.

  5. hah, are there any more? it's really an endless possibility. great fun!

  6. Waaaaw, these pics are soo cool:D
    I love the little details Halloween special(the "Darkyear", the 666, the teeth:))
    and the lights...pretttyyyyy

    Happy Halloween

  7. Happy belated Halloween Victor:)

    Cool image! I just bought the "Cars" DVD, but I get the feeling that I should've controled my impatience a little and waited for the 2 disc special edition DVD. Could've used a little more classic "behind the scenes" action and maybe an extended peek at Ratatouille. Well, good things comes to those who waits;)

    I know it's far out to concentrate on this now, but my curiosity overwhelms me.....Is it Stanton, or Silverman who's directing "Wall-E"? Is it about a robot? Is it a working title? Are you going to answer me?......well, I think I know the answer to the last one, but it's worth trying a'ight?:)

    Take care and have a great weekend.


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  9. Hans, Target is selling the Cars DVD with a Rev'd Up DVD of bonus features for $19.99 no waiting necessary :o)
    however, it's not the usual extra super huge bundle that everyone is use to....I was really hoping their would be some type of commentary with the movie, but maybe when they release the 2 disc one that'll be on there. I'll just have to buy the movie again I guess.. well when that happens....it would be nice to have the 2 discs in the same case :oP lol
    Anyways, I love Cars no matter what, with or without the bonus features. Listening to a Pixar film with commentary that I don't already have memorized would've been fun, I guess I'll just have to wait and get my fill when I visit pixar....

  10. hey i really like the car but you should just put the name in a gangster way. dont think i am one. it's just that i think it would look awesome. and you should put a hot guy next to it. i mean a celebrity! well love ya!!