Friday, July 28, 2006

Forget animation - Puppets are the next big thing

And by "big" I mean BIG. I wish I could have seen this in person - it's mind-blowing. The perfect confluence of art and engineering. More info here, and some more photos here.


  1. I have a fond respect for puppets and puppeteering as a career. I am a big fan of all things Henson (especially Kevin Clash these days).
    I haven't watched the clip yet as it will take a awhile (dial up in New Zealand hehehe) _ it looks to be a totally different ball game than Seasame Street!
    I can certainly see puppeteering being the next big thing - in my mind it is perhaps more accessible to more people than computer animation but still, I think, related too and linked...

  2. WOWSA!
    I have only seen a teeny tiny(BIG) wee bit - but that IS amazing! Performance art rocks! She is gorgeous as well!
    /me tries to mentally hurry up the download...

  3. Someone needs to turn a Ron Mueck sculpture in to a puppet next!

  4. Damn, wish it had been in London while I was living there!!! That looks awesome and so alive that it's almost a bit scarry. Hope their going to travel the world with that show, it's great in so many ways!

    Check out some video here :


  5. Wow, amazing. The girl brings images of Dark Crystal to mind. Maybe it's just the motion as I haven't seen that movie since I was a kid.

  6. he's a technical genius... he breathes life.. into inanimate objects.

    it's a very godlike thing to take something and.. make it live