Thursday, April 17, 2008

Goodbye Ollie Johnston

Two days ago we lost the last of Disney's Nine Old Men. His contribution to the art of animation was undeniable, and I'll leave to those better qualified to speak about the man. In particular, there's a great piece by Brad Bird on Cartoon Brew.

Here's a photo of Ollie with the Pixar animators taken a few years ago:


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  2. Not only is this a great picture of Ollie, the photographer has also magically captured the elusive Dan Mason, who seems to be hidden in every other Pixar team shot to the point of becoming folk-lore.
    (Dan was my mentor in my Ex'pression days. Great guy, as is the rest of the team!)

    Ollie, along with the rest of the 9, will live on through the legacy they've left behind! That guy has been so inspiring to so many!

  3. wonderful picture.... that's all I can say..

    I got goosebumps just to imagine myself in that picture with you guys and Ollie in the middle...

    thanx victor for sharing this... :)

  4. oh NO!! U_U" disney is died so...

    very great photo... I'd love to do an internship program at Pixar in 1 or 2 years.. =)

    bye victor