Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Is it animation or performance art? Or is it just weird? From poster "notblu":
2 loops from walking animated wall painting.
the video is stretched horizontally. It was filmed with a camera in vertical position but youtube doesn't accept that format.


  1. That was creepy and kinda cool.
    I'm afraid to shut my eyes.

  2. Wow yeah, that is pretty weird!!!....and hip....and cool.

  3. Don't know who did this but it reminds me a little of the work of South African artist/animator William Kentridge.

    Kentridge works in his on straight-ahead method by redrawing over prior work, which leaves a blury ghost image of the prior "frame". Kentridge also allows his work to evolve/change direction while he is working.

    Here are a couple of YouTube links to examples of Kentridge's work. The first one definitely blurs the line between performance and animation:

    (warning: nudity)


    Do a search at YouTube for William Kentridge and you will come up with more.


  4. wow this is such a cool idea!

    anyway, I just wanted to say some friends and I went to watch Ratatouille last night and we all loved it.
    great story, great acting, great look, ...
    congratulations to you and everybody at Pixar.
    Lifted was also very funny, I think everybody there tought it was brilliant.
    and of course we cant wait for Wall.E to come out..

  5. Dang! I agree it is really cool but kind of creepy. You just can't turn your eyes away, it really grabs you. Like something you would see in the pages of "Weird NJ".

  6. I love this. Makes me scratch my head as far as actually executing this.

  7. wacky stuff. pretty amazing to think of animating at that scale.

  8. You might like this.