Thursday, May 10, 2007

Computer Animation and Drawing

There's a cool article over on the Spline Doctor's blog about the importance of drawing for ALL animators, not just 2D animators. I get asked about this a lot, and I think Dr. Stephen Gregory does a good job of laying it down. Here's the article.


  1. I love the Spline Doctor's Blog. I check it out all the time. It's a very good article. Thanks Victor!

  2. hehe, Splinedoctors and Vnog, it's like a ping-pong game, they put links to this blog, you put links to theirs. it's as if you guys know eachother or work in the same place.

    not to mention that most of the people who read one of these blogs would very likely have the other in their daily reading too.

    thanks for the link thou =]

  3. Drawing is a lot of fun! I don't know what some beginners have against it.