Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Deep

I love this new stop-motion short from PES:


Christian Zimmermann said...

deep sea steampunk! :) that's pretty cool and a great sound from the ground of the ocean.

greetings from germany victor!

Nagy P├ęter said...

Hi Victor,

Sorry to I write here, but I could not send otherwise these new animation sites:
Walk Cycle Depot:
Living Lines Library:

Happy Animated Year! :)
- Peter
(And please delete this 'comment'.)

Nick Vona said...

Totally cool idea...

Kinetic Dan said...

Awesome, I love it! Great find :-D. They did such a great job of finding such great creatures out of random stuff! Lighting and sound is great too :-D


vaibhav said...

wow wow wow.'cool' ocean with great sound.I love first fish.is it Piranha?