Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Perfect Imperfection

Over on Cameron Fielding's "Flip" blog there's an interesting article that analyzes arcs and spacing in real life vs. animation.  He has some really great examples of how "dirty" arcs and spacing can be in live action footage, and how this extra level of detail could bring more realism to your work.  I know I'm definitely guilty of over-polishing my arcs and spacing (and splines) from time to time.  Of course these are all choices we make based on the style of animation for a particular production and our intent in a given scene.  The info in this article wont apply to everything you do, but it's a valuable exploration of natural physics.  I also find it interesting how the arcs and spacing in the dance footage are much more "animation-like", which makes sense because I've always thought of dance as stylized movement, much like animation.  Anyway, enjoy the article!

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