Monday, July 26, 2010

New course at Gobelins

I've often posted clips of student work from the french animation school Gobelins on this site.  I'm consistently impressed by their originality and technical skill.  Apparently they didn't even have a specific course for CG Animation, even though they produce lots of it!  Well that's changing as of this September, and they've asked me to mention the new course on my blog.  More info below:


  1. Very cool.
    I have a question for you Vic, if you're willing to answer.
    I'm attending AAU and I heard that Pixar ended their relationship with them. Are you aware of this? And if so, do you know why?


  2. Yep - the Gobelins college consistently produces work that is absolutely stunning and inspiring.

    Definitely up with Cal Arts and Animation Mentor in my book as one of the top animation schools in the world.


  3. Sorry Vic, I just learned that the AAU pixar class has been recently reinstated.