Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Up" on DVD today

Up is officially available on DVD and BluRay today.  Monster's Inc. is available on BluRay now, too.  I'm just sayin'...


  1. YES! Thanks for the heads up! Picking up my copy of Up tonight! :)

  2. Great movie Victor. I'm crossing my fingers for that best picture nomination. You've got my vote, as always, with the Annies too!

  3. I love that cover art. It looks an edited version of an old Up photo, but still nice.

    I'll definitely pick it up soon. I just wish they'd stop adding the DVD in and just lower the price.

  4. Pixar is really doing a great job with their Blu-ray releases, as they did with dvds before. The latest ones of Monsters and Bug's Life are just a joy, and I can't wait til UP is released here in Germany in January. Unfortunately the U.S. releases from Disney are region coded, so we Europeans often have to wait a bit longer... I hope Toy Story and Nemo get released sometime soon :)

  5. Pixar has not let us down..again..
    Love it