Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CG Overdrive, Singapore photos up on Flickr

Shortly after I returned from Singapore the cooling system on my Mac G5 leaked and fried the power source. I finally got it back on Sunday and I'm slowly catching up on everything, including posting photos from my travel. I haven't added a lot of useful descriptions yet, but hopefully you can still enjoy them. I gave a 5-hour (gasp) lecture on animation research, planning and blocking. It was a fun event, and best of all I got to hang out with lots of other talented artists, including Craig Mullins, Feng Zhu and Alex Alvarez. We had lots of great food and leveraged our jet lag to help us party to the wee hours. I also got to tour the Lucasfilm studios there, and I even met a few Animation Mentor students. I'm already looking forward to my return visit!


  1. Hey Victor! I just looked through the photos. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Some of the food I never heard of, but looked appetizing! I bet the Lucasfilm tour was great, I just went to ILM last term to visit.

  2. LOL Kickapoo joy juice?!! That's awesome. I have an idea for a better logo on that one...

    Thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great trip:)


  3. It sounds as though you had a marvelous trip, and what photographs...! I feel like I'm there. Thank you very much for sharing them with us!

    Heh. It doesn't look like the satay agreed with Mr. Mullins.

    -- Mitch

  4. The photo is awesome! great! I really like your blog.

  5. Hi Victor, Just want to let you know one of you students (me) has been nominated for enroute air canada film festival. You Can watch my film at

    My film is called Intermedium. I put you in the credits as well. Hope you like it. Alain Huynh