Friday, March 06, 2009

New Up Trailer Up

Pixar Represent!
Be sure to watch the trailer in HD, not the crappy video embedded in the page. I didn't work on Up (but for one measly shot) but it's looking great and I can't wait to see it! Definitely very original. If previous teasers and trailers didn't make you want to see it, I think this one will.


  1. Yep, I saw this yesterday. I was sitting in my chair for about ten minutes after viewing it, trying to think of words worthy enough to describe it. Apparently, there are none....

    To say that I'm looking forward to this is a complete understatement. May 29th can't come soon enough!

  2. I have to agree with Mitch, words can't describe how cool this looks.


    will there be a spin off of mini adventures?

    lol my word verification was "UPERS"

  3. I have been excited to see this one since the first trailer.. It really looks charming.
    lol, I love the characters and care for them already and it's only the trailers!
    "can I come in?"
    "what is it boy?"
    haha those get me every time :)

  4. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Great characters! especially grandpa
    If only Walter Matthau still live...
    this look like his life-role :)

  5. Now I'm even more excited to watch this film.. =)

  6. Congratulations! =)

  7. I like the dog and his collar
    Its pretty cool

  8. Yeah the first trailer did'nt really grab me but this new one did, that dog is Freaking hilarious!