Saturday, January 06, 2007

The art of Mathias Verhasselt

This guy's conceptual designs and color renderings are awesome. Reminds me of how much I need to work on my own stuff. I wish I understood color as much as he does. Sigh. Anyway, all his images are on one page so it takes a while to load (it's worth it). Someone needs to introduce him to thumbnail galleries!

This blog has been a little light on content lately, thanks to holidays, illnesses, life etc. I'm working on another tutorial now and I hope to have it finished up some time this month. Keep checking back!


  1. He's Awesome!

    If you like his work, you should check out Nicolas Bouvier's stuff. He's our concept guy over here at id. He's done some stunning stuff.


  2. OR... you could try the real link :)



  3. Very nice work!
    Here is another amazing concept artist, Craig Mullins:

    The funny thing about him is that he has a section with all the work that he's done that he thinks is junk, yet compared to a lot of other artists, still kicks butt.

  4. Hey, Im new to blogger. Just came across this blog recently. Cool stuff...

    I agree with Jimmy... Mullins is a great artist. And yes, his "bad sketches" really do kick butt.

    Another great artist to check out is Andrew Ley:

    I also follow his work on

  5. Mathias is simply another crazy & genius French artist! I do love his works. he is damn good in 3d too.